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Billy Jealousy is more than just a product line— it’s a way of life that defines who you are: effortless yet edgy, playful but still polished. Sharply tailored for today’s sophisticated bad boy, this line is geared towards those who know how to look good. 



Barba Italiana combines effortless Italian style with high quality ingredients and formulas. Focusing on beard and hair products, this premium brand has seen unprecedented growth since its conception in 2015. Made in Italy, Barba Italiana is sure to become a staple in your grooming regimen.




A niche cosmetic line, developed for brows and eyes. Beautifully designed, simple to use. It's everything you need for perfect brows. Full Brow was originally created for a popular brow bar in Melbourne, Australia - inspired by their search for a fun, high quality and easy-to-use brow line. Full Brow is a brow cosmetic line designed for the everyday; to get you from a-to-b with long lasting, quality coverage.



Spongellé allows you to turn on the water and a Spongellé bodywash infused buffer becomes the last word in pampering. Maybe it’s the rich, one-of-a-kind fragrance or the swirls of thick, creamy suds enveloping you from head to toe. Maybe it’s how great Spongellé feels in the shower and how beautifully fresh, soft and healthy your skin is afterwards. The experience is so intensely pleasurable, it should come with a warning sticker.




Daneson is a purveyor of fine flavored toothpicks. From birch, through to ingredients and to packaging, Daneson strives to only use American and Canadian suppliers. Daneson's aim is to maintain a minimum 1:100 ratio of milling to replanting forestland. Daneson is a net contributor to the environment and the people we work with. We call this natural wealth.



The Poppy + Tiger Company offers new and original scented candles that are both 100% hand-poured and 100% Canadian.



Alchemy Goods transforms recycled bicycle inner tubes into stylish, sleek, and sustainably-produced bags and accessories for the urban lifestyle. Alchemy was started by product engineer and avid cyclist Eli Reich when his messenger bag was stolen in 2003. Using a borrowed sewing machine, Eli crafted a replacement from the bike tubes he had laying around. Everyone who saw Eli’s bag wanted one of their own, inspiring him to quit his job and launch a new business.



Premium, handcrafter, custom-made products.



The original and award winning razor blade sharpener. Using simple and patented technology Razorpit cleans and sharpens your razor blades, making them last on average 6 times longer.


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